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Growing up in Detroit, I remember always doing something creative with clay (or Play-Doh), paint, pencils and crayons. I'd spend hours drawing cartoon's of my dog Spike or practicing character styles referencing my "How to Draw" books. During Jr. and high school, I took all available art classes and was accepted into a commercial art class in 11th grade. I did well in that class but didn't love the whole idea of graphic design... yet.

After graduating high school, I attended a local community college taking a few art and English classes and after 3 semesters, I hired on full time at an automotive "job shop" (as they called them) for General Motors, working on technical manuals and drawing various parts/sections of cars. Not very exciting, but I did perfect my technical skills as an illustrator and I was making decent money for someone at 19.

After about 5 years, I was given the opportunity to work on an Apple computer the company bought after they realized, they needed to move from hand drawn technical pages to digital. I worked on the very first versions of Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop! I loved working on the computer creating illustrations and page layouts! Sometimes my boss would have to remind me it was time to go home.

Speeding forward, after 14 years total working in the Automotive industry, my husband and I (oh yeah,I got married) moved to Santa Cruz CA. I was hired by a small design firm to help out with illustrations and answer phones. First they gave me small projects but after some successful projects, I became 100% involved with all the projects that came in. We were a great team and I learned so much about design, printing and running a small design business. After a few years and the owners adding children to their families, they decided to close shop and I started on my own business. It took me about 5 years to build up a solid business and now after 17... 18 years???? I'm quite busy working with a great mix of clients.

Now, after a 10 year break from the fine art scene,  I'm back to creating new "paintings"  working with this new medium ( to me) torn/cut paper.  This process all started 3 years ago, going to an estate sale and discovering a mix of torn out nude images inside an old trunk. I did not want to throw them away, so I used those pages in my collage artwork, first creating Saints, some western images and currently, my recreations of the women featured within the vintage Playboy and other obscure adult magazines that I have collected since.

About Janet Allinger - Artist and Illustrator Santa Cruz California

Shows - Past & Present

Where to find me and where I have been

2021 - Frankenstein/Tesla art published - Open Studios, Santa Cruz

2020 - January, First Friday at SC Mt. Brewing, Seaside Gallery, Pismo Beach CA - Chalk Art Takeover https://santacruzmah.org/blog/chalk-art-takeover

2019 - Art Cave Gallery - SC Art League A-L show - New York Artexpo - Big Little Show, The Art Cave - Big Red show, FabLab

2018 - Spectrum New York Expo -  LENA Porntrait on display at MAH Santa Cruz from May-Sept.

2017 - Spectrum Miami Expo and nice write up!  http://onmogul.com/stories/15-female-artists-from-2017-miami-art-week-you-need-to-know - Chocolate and Art Show in SF, Dec 14-15th, Spectrum Art Expo - Dec 6- 10th, a few First Friday shows and Open Studios!

2016 - Capitola Begonia Festival poster competition winner! - Open Studios Art Event

2015 - Graphic Design USA award winner! - Made the paper for the local Open Studios event! http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/arts-and-entertainment/20150930/as-identical-twins-open-studio-artists-share-a-lot-more-than-artistic-talents - Article feature in Graphic Design News http://www.graphicart-news.com/pop-art-illustrations-janet-allinger/#.VNpbkMbjP6t - ADDY Awards Gold winner for my Beer 30 poster design! -  Designing Women feature  http://www.graphic-design.com/2015_designing_women_3

2014 - Ageless art volunteer of the year award

2012 - NAPP, Editors choice award for a photography.

2011 - PSPrint included me as 1 of the top 5 designers to be thankful for!
2011 - My Googled image is the latest cover for Healthcare Quarterly.
2010 - Featured in "How to do everything Illustrator" CS4 manual
by author Sue Jenkins.
2010 - NAPP, Editors choice award for photography.
2009 - 3 logos published in Rockport Publishing's Logo lounge "Animals" book.
2008, 2009 - "Best of People"Good times runner up for Visual Artist.
2008 - Designing Women Winner, D&G magazine.
2008 - Just Creative Design.com "7 Female Graphic Designers That'll
Rock Your Socks Off"
2007 - Solo show, Hide Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
2006 - Carmel Magazine, TomatoFest poster art.
2006 - Sunset Magazine, mention of my art studio.
2006 - Group Show, Thatcher Gallery San Francisco, CA
2006 - Painting published in "Marilyn in Art" by Roger Taylor
2005 - Detroit Weekly article about my irreverent nun paintings.
2005 - San Francisco chronicle, mention of my art.
2005 - Catholic league anti-catholic list for my irreverent nun paintings.
2005 - Gail Rich Award for visual artist- Santa Cruz CA
2003 & 2005 Santa Cruz Sentinel feature.


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My business is changing!  I will no longer be working on graphic design projects so to focus on illustration & fine art.  Please contact me if you looking for illustrations, poster designs or if your interested in custom collage!

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